Hill tribe visit

     The visit to the village near Chiang Rai on Saturday was quite the humbling experience.  It was an experience that forced me to reflect on the meaning of necessity.  The people of this village had no washing machine, rudimentary running water if any, no electricity and have to work hard for their meals and living every single day.  Their clothes were tattered, obviously worn from years of the sun beating down on them along with heavy use.  There was a young boy riding a bike around with no back tire on it, just the rim. It is hard to imagine a more opposite lifestyle than us visitors and those who live in the village.  You could see in the eyes of the mothers that they don’t quite understand our lifestyle and why we are taking pictures of their children.  I can only hope we were respectful and came across as friendly enough for them the put up with us.  It is an experience that makes material goods seem so insignificant.

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