Goodbye Thailand!

Tonight will be our last night in Thailand. There were many more things I wanted to do but we just didn’t have time and we had to change our plans. It’s okay though because not everything goes as planned.

Our last few nights in Thailand were spent in Bangkok and Pattaya. Pattaya was like our little get-a-way from the protest that occurred on Monday. I spent the first day at the beach and relaxed. Got myself an ugly tan while relaxing but that was bound to happen. The first thing I noticed at the beach were the amount of foreigners there. There were a lot but what surprised me the most was that there were people selling things. It ranged from foods, henna tattoos, swim stuff, and clothes. I was really surprised but realized that was what they did for a living. I felt bad rejecting them but I’m sure they’re so used to it.

After returning to Bangkok, I did some last minute shopping. I was planning to finish my shopping after returning from the north but things changed. I guess it was a good thing because I would have spent a lot more money. In all, I have really enjoyed my time in Thailand and hope one day to return.

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