Post #6 by Danny Klucas


We are nearing the end of our trip and it seems these last three weeks are beginning to sink in. Everyone is very comfortable around each other and we built a family over here whether we wanted It or not. For our last two days, we ended up going to Pattaya to avoid the protests Bangkok. Pattaya was a little like the Wild West mixed with an old beach town, the sun was warm and people will never cease to surprise you. It’s exciting in a way, everything goes and nothing is sacred. But while it’s appealing on the surface, it wouldn’t be my first choice to go back to.

We are now back in Bangkok and wrapping things up, Zuzanna our program manager just headed back to Prague and we had our last debrief session. I want to say I’m coming back with a good taste of Thailand, its been good to us and I think we are all going back home a little different. So for right now it’s saying goodbye to Thailand.

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