Coming home/future advice

I can’t believe I am already back home and not in Thailand anymore! When we were traveling back to the US I was excited and sad. I was excited to be back in the US but really sad to be leaving all the new friends that I made while on the trip. We all became so close during this; it was like freshman year and being in the dorms all over again. This was an experience of a lifetime and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I learned so much and made great new relationships! 
For future students:
First off I would say just go with the flow! It will make your time in Thailand that much more enjoyable. Things don’t always go as planned and things have to be changed. Try and live in the moment as much as possible!  I would also recommend bringing a lightweight jacket/ windbreaker. It can be cold sometimes and I wish I had brought one! I would also bring a neck pillow and blanket. This would have been a big bummer if I didn’t have these with me! It was a long plane ride and we also did overnights on a bus and a train. Also don’t forget to bring a pen and a notebook/journal! I recommend keeping a journal because when you get home everything just blends together. Writing a little something each day helps you remember exactly how you were feeling and brings you back to that moment. Most importantly have fun in the new country and atmosphere! 

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