For the last week, as I have tried to settle back into life in the States I have been trying to figure out what I would right my last blog about.  As I tried to make myself at home I found that life was different, and no one could understand the feelings I had toward my trip. I am taking Biology Seminar this semester where we are required to go to seven seminars throughout the semester given by well known scientists.  Dr. Keyler was the presenter this Friday and his talk was entitled Snakebite and Antivenom in Sri Lanka, I can say that I was less than excited to hang around campus until 4:30 on a Friday to hear about snakes.  Throughout the lecture I was nearly moved to tears as I listened to him speak about his passion for the country and culture.  The culture that he described reminded me so much of Thailand, and it was the first time in over a week that I felt like I could relate to someone.  As he talked about the science aspects I heard him but I really felt connected when he talked about the people.  This experience reminded me of a principle we learned about in microbiology this week called “The Prepared Mind.”  This principle highlights the idea that you prepare yourself for moments that others may pass by or not take note of, and when you see this particular moment others will never understand why you think it is such a big deal.  During this talk that Dr. Keyler gave I felt a calling to work with people of another culture and background from my own.  During a talk given by a snake scientist I was moved nearly to tears and felt a calling (while others were nearly sleeping) to work in ways I never imagined I would.  Traveling to Thailand opened my eyes to things and “prepared my mind” for sights and opportunities that I never would have seen or noticed without this experience.  This trip was definitely a monumental experience that will change me forever

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