Back Home

We have been back over a week now and we are starting to get back into our daily schedules with school and other activities. And apart from Duluth’s blistering cold tundra, it’s good to be back. The flight back to the states was long, like it usually is, and the group was definitely ready to be back. For the first few days, jet lag got the best of me and I ended up sleeping most of the day we got back. But I’m back in it and ready to start a new semester.
Couple things I was excited to have when I got home were tap water, a fresh pot of coffee, and some steak. I’m missing the abundance of rice (kao) and the friendliness of the Tai people though. Things back home are like usual, I didn’t have a culture shock like many travelers experience and I’m left with the experience of my lifetime and a new perspective of the world and the people around me. So big thanks to everyone (Ajahn Jill and Cathy especially) who made this trip happen and all the good energy and conversations we had. And I’m going to end this blog by sharing one of my favorite photos from the trip. 

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