Advice For Future Thailand Study “Abroaders”

First of all I just want to say if you’re a student looking at this blog because you’re going to Thailand, I’m so excited for you! This will be the most life changing trip of your life. I know people say that about every trip, but I’m serious about this one. This was my first time going out of the country and I applied to this program without knowing anyone, until my friend Becca applied last minute and got accepted. 😉

Here is my list of advice to you:

  • Definitely go to the first orientation meeting Cathy and Jill set up. It’s a good way to get introduced to the group
  • Do not pack a full suitcase. I packed way too much and regretted it because I couldn’t fit as much souvenirs to bring home.
  • One suitcase and an extra little backpack is a good idea to bring 
  • Bring a tablet, a laptop isn’t necessary. You’ll want it for writing your blogs and maybe watching movies on the long flights and bus rides.
  • Get out of your comfort zone! You’ll have a lot more fun that way, and make new friends. 
  • Have an open mind! Things over in Thailand are much much different than back home, so you’re going to want to keep an open mind when it comes to new things. Everyone in your group is most likely experiencing these things for the first time too. 
  • Get out and explore the cities when you have free time, and you’ll have plenty of free time
  • Take advantage of all the activities that are offered, like zip-lining, elephants, ect… You won’t regret it
  • Try new foods! Most of the street vendors are only like $2 so it’s worth trying something new
  • Get to know everyone in your group. You’ll make friends that will last a lifetime 
  • Bring hand sanitizer and extra toilet paper when you go places. I’m serious about this one
  • Don’t bring a lot of socks. I packed a lot of socks and I don’t know why, but I barely wore them. I wore sandals a lot
  • Bring a deck or two of cards to play games with the group 
  • You’ll probably want at least $400-600 to spend on food, activities, and souvenirs. Those markets will get to you. 
  • Take lots of pictures and videos so you can use them in you story, and just for days you really miss the group and Thailand. 
  • But, try to take the time to take in the beauty of Thailand, sometimes pictures just don’t do the beauty justice. 
  • Be kind to people they are so helpful there
  • Make sure to go out on New Years with the group (preferably Zoey’s) it will be the best New Years Eve you’ve ever had.
  • Cathy and Jill are awesome listeners, if you’re having a bad day or just want to talk, they are awesome.
  • Don’t take any moment there for granted!
I hope this helps along with everyone else’s posts! I could probably write ten more points. I hope your trip to Thailand is just as rewarding as mine was and that you come back with many memories and 15 new great friends! 🙂

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