Blog #7 by Katelyn

We have been home from Thailand for about a week now. I am just now beginning to feel readjusted to the time change and my sleep schedule as well as my typical daily schedule. Going into this trip I did not realize the impact a three week study abroad would have on my life how life as well as the close relationships I would make. I can say this trip has opened my eyes to new perspectives and new possibilities for my future. 
 As advice for future students I would say go into this with an open mind and really try to be present in every moment of the trip. Take in the sounds, the sights, the variety of taste and even smells. Take on those moments that may ordinarily be outside your comfort zone. Also take time to really interact and engage with everyone you meet both in the group you’re traveling with and the local people of Thailand.
My first advice when it comes to packing would be to leave enough space and weight in your bag to bring back souvenirs. If you are anything like I was in the night markets, you will see lots of great things to bring home. Some other things I am glad I brought included: a journal, a blanket and inflatable head pillow, also travel tissue (not all bathrooms provided toilet paper). I also had an “anti-theft” purse, this helped me feel more secure when walking around the markets in the evenings. It is basically a purse with clip locks on the zippers. I also downloaded a Thai language app on my ipad before I left. I found this helpful when we would be with someone who did not speak much English. Thinking back on the trip there were times I did not have my ipad and this app would have been very useful.
Thailand is such a beautiful country to visit. I learned a lot from this study abroad experience. I hope you enjoy your time!

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