Mountaintops and Villages – The Little Simple Things

To be above the clouds, the sun kissing my skin, and the breathing the freshest air I ever had in my life, for a moment, life was perfect. Being surrounded by beautiful nature, was very stress relieving. We visited a memorial for the King’s lawyer friend who died in an airplane crash on top of the mountain, went sightseeing, and shopped at a Hmong market. In addition, we learned about the last King of the Lannas, and the lifestyles of one of the hill tribes, the Karens.

Life is very simple in the village. They work daily for the things that they need such as clothes and food, whereas in the States we work daily for our career, and we can buy clothes and food easily. Electricity was there but very minimal, and free if you don’t use a lot. Homes were made out of straws, bamboo and sticks, using as much natural resources as possible. Showering a kid was simply in a big bowl, and entertainment was playing with a puppy. The little Hmong kids we met in the mountain were so adorable, they were selling flowers for 10 baht. Then they gave us some flowers for free for talking with them. I can definitely see the philosophy of “living in the moment” here on the mountaintop.

These little kind gestures, the bright smiles, the cool breeze, the warm weather, constant learning, gorgeous natural surroundings, and great people bought me such happiness. It make me re-evaluate my life. I rely on electricity as much as food, shower must be warm, and entertainment is costly (most of the time).  The people here can live without a lot of materials needs and these little simple things could make me so happy, maybe I can live my life a little simpler than it is (sometimes too).

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