Twenty University of Minnesota students and two faculty are preparing to embark on a 3-week learning adventure in Thailand, beginning May 17, 2015.  We met at the Thai Wat (temple) in Elk River Minnesota (http://watthaiofminnesota.org) for an orientation session on April 18th. Students will initiate our blog by introducing themselves and sharing their thoughts on that session as well as their goals for Thailand.  Students unable to attend the April 18th session will share thoughts about “A Meditator’s Initiation” by J. Hamilton-Merrit in the 2002 book Travelers’ Tales Thailand (J. O’Reilly & L. Habegger, Eds.), Palo Alto, CA: Solas House, Inc. 

 Our group with Pra Acharn Supap, abbot of Wat Thai, and members of the Thai community.

 Pra Acharn Supap talked about some of the basic tenets of Buddhism and how to respectfully interact with monks and in Thai temples.

Acharns (professors) Linda and Cathy shared information about the course – syllabus, travel itinerary, packing tips, and a bit about Thai language and culture.

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  1. Our orientation at the Wat Temple felt out of time, and as if we had discovered a time portal to Thailand, smells from the kitchen included. Even though I have had the good fortune of traveling to Thailand twice with Acharn Cathy, I have not had the opportunity to listen to a buddhist monk reflect on buddhism. Thank you all.

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