understanding my own identify

As born and raised in Buddhist family, I have always thought that I am truly knowledgeable and educated about my culture. However, this perspective has shifted my thought after I came to America, the great diversity country in the world. I was exposed to different cultures, believes, races, and norms that completely opposite from mine. I have learned and adapted to this diversity, which made me realize of “what is really my identity”. As far as my knowledge about Buddhist, I went to (Wat) temple for almost any occasion to celebrate traditional ceremony for the family. But I have never been aware and noticed of the reason why we have to do it. I never paid attention to any details of the ceremony nor the monk’ teaching about my own culture. Everything I’ve learned and absorbed about my culture is just passive.

            Therefore, going to the (Wat) Thai temple was a new experience for me in actually learning and challenging what I really know about the culture to find my self-identity. Surprisingly, as we went inside the temple and listen to monk telling story about the Buddhist, I actually learned new things that I have never been aware of before. For instance, why would the monks give blessing before they eat? I finally understand that reason behind this cultural practice. The monks have to give blessing before meal to send or deliver the merits to the cousins or family members who has passed away. The food that they are eating will be share to those who have passed way. Another thing that I have learned was that Wat or temple isn’t only opened up to Buddhist people, but we welcome to all the races and religious group. This is really reflected of how my parents raised me to be an open minded, acceptance, generous to other people no matter what where they come from.

            As business marketing major, I want to explore and learn about a complexity of diversity in the world. I want to used what I learn in helping me seek and understand the differences about people behavior/culture beliefs in order help me open my own business. So one thing that I hope to gain from the learning abroad seminar is to understand my own identify first in comparison to others. I want to be able to used what I learn from America and imply those learning to discovery and understand people in different 

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  1. Mongkon,

    Your goal of discovering and redefining your identity is great! I know you will pour your heart out into what happens in Thailand because you will have such a personal connection to it. I know there is a large number of Hmong people going to Thailand in hopes of perhaps finding a part of their Hmong identity there (I know that's the case for me)! I'm excited to hear about what you find in Thailand! See you soon!

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