My Experience at Wat Temple

So much was going through mind as I walked up the stairs, 20 minutes late to the meeting. “Oh my gosh, how utterly rude can a person be?” As I got to the top, I couldn’t ask for a better greeting, a smile. That moment was how I knew that my experience at the Wat Temple would be special, and it was. And why was it special? The absolute elegancy and sophistication of the Thai culture. We were taught different gestures and phrases, like how Thai people greet or thank one another. We also learned about the importance of giving in the Thai culture and some teaching of Buddhism. It was an absolute honor to be taught these minor things from a monk which was what made it that much more special. Another special/amazing thing was the food. That was my very first time tasting authentic Thai food. Everything was delicious and unique. I especially love the mango rice! Of course, this experience was as it is due to the hospitality of everyone there.

One learning goal for myself is to broaden my views in life. We are going to learn about the global change that is occurring in Thailand. These are some very serious issues and through this learning abroad experience, I hope to come back with a little enlightenment and better my understanding of this to better myself in the future.

2 thoughts on “My Experience at Wat Temple”

  1. Hey Pahoua,

    I agree with you that the experience at the Wat temple was a great one! Two things you mentioned that really stuck out to me were the way how Thai people greet each other and their food. I think knowing how to appropriately greet one another before going to Thailand is a great asset to have as it shows that you respect their culture. As for the food being able to know what to expect and challenge yourself to try it is a great start to being able to integrate into the Thai culture.

  2. Hi Pahoua,

    I am so happy to hear that your goal is to broaden your views in life! That is also a goal of mine. I believe that this experience will definitely provide us with lots of knowledge and a wide range of worldview perspectives. I also admire the Thai culture and feel that becoming exposed to their culture will help us become more mindful and aware of the different realities that exist in our world.

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