Reflection about the Wat Temple

My experience at the temple was phenomenal. I didn’t know what to exactly expect when I went to the temple. I honestly thought that the temple would look like the temples I saw from the Thai movies and pictures, but it was very different. I thought the temple looked more like a normal house. However, in the inside of the temple it was quite different from a normal house because it had no technology and very open.

Being at the Wat temple I learned a lot about the Thai culture. Previously, I only heard and watch movies about the Thai culture, but experiencing it in real life helped me gained a better perspective.  Being at the Wat temple I learned many new things from how to sit correctly to how to give merit to our love ones. Learning how to chant was probably the most interesting part to me. Although, I couldn’t

understand what the monk was saying in Thai I tried to be in sync with them as best as I could. It was a good feeling to chant about peace and wanting only peace without any sacrifices. Then at the end of the chanting we had to pour the water bottle into the cup, while thinking about who we want to give merit to. I felt great knowing that I was able to give blessings to my love ones. Also, knowing that any person from any culture and race could come to the temple amused me because the Thai culture is so welcoming. Thus, one learning goal I hope to gain from Thailand is to learn how to integrate myself in their culture from eating their food to living their lifestyle. I believe that once I’m able to integrate myself into the Thai culture it would help me see the world in a better point of view and grow into a well-round person.

One thought on “Reflection about the Wat Temple”

  1. Hi there Mai Zong! I too thought that the temple would be like those in Thai movies but it is more like a house. But like you, that didn't bothered me, it was the inside that made it felt like any other Temple! Although I didn't mention the chanting, I also found it relaxing. I used to know the chanting because when I was still in school in Thailand, we chant in the morning after we sang the national anthem. I've forgotten them now because since I came to the U.S. I've never really used it. I also hope to grow into a well-rounded person as well.

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