We have experienced so many amazing things since we arrived here! I have been struggling to articulate my thoughts, partially because of jet-lag, but also I find myself at a loss of words to describe what I am seeing, hearing, etc. Trying to choose a topic to write about is like sifting through a hundred beautiful photographs, looking for the best one. What I find has been driving my thoughts most recently is the ideas the Buddhist monk shared with us. 
He discussed the concept of “cleaning your mind”, which means taking care of both mind and body. Happiness is created by finding a balance between the two. With that stated in front of me, I started to think about whether or not I have balance. Of course the answer is no, but what I really started to think about is why: why is it that I don’t have a sense of balance? I eat pretty well…I drink moderately…exercise often enough. As I list those things off, I think about the idea the monk discussed of not clinging to unnecessary things, what we would call “stuff”, and I have that ah-ha moment. My balance between mind and body is interrupted by the unnecessary items I rely on: my phone, computer, etc. This week I have been thinking a lot about the excess of things in my life, and how difficult it has become to be in the moment. In many ways our society trains us to be be this way, because we are guided to be consumers of “stuff” and media. It is difficult for me to picture what our world would be like if instead of striving for success, we began striving for balance. 
As I am out of my normal environment here in Thailand, I hope to continue to explore what it means to find balance and how to find it in a society filled with “stuff”. 

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