Hmong cloth

Hmong cloth

I noticed that every time I saw a group of Hmong people at least more than two or three would wear Hmong cloth. I thought that for Hmong Thai Hmong traditional clothes were a part of their daily life. They wore the cloth without worry that other will point at them that they are from the mountain. I was very happy to see that they are very value the cloth. Especially many young generation, they are not ashamed to wear without a ceremony. They did not care that the cloth they wore old or new. They were young but they still wear their traditional cloth. I knew that Hmong Thai were not the only group that still wore Hmong cloth. However Hmong Thai had a very unique style of their own. It was just like a country that a had unique style of cloth to tell who they were. 
Compare to the US, I do not see any Hmong people wear Hmong cloth as their daily life anymore. I totally understand that because of the  modern cloth. Hmong cloth become a symbol of old and traditions. This is just my opinion. It becomes a custom for some people not a cloth to wear anymore. 
I think that Hmong Thai tries to maintain the tradition way. I have notice that many of the clothe that they wear are still the same as 10 years ago. I might be wrong. I will not wear Hmong cloth Hmong cloth unless there is a Hmong new year. I don’t wear Hmong cloth, doesn’t mean I don’t value Hmong culture. I do value and still want Hmong cloth to maintain the old style. Each clans have their own unigue cloth. Now many Hmong designers tried to change the style of Hmong to be more modern. It’s not a big deal to me because I do understand that the fashion has to change to target younger generations. However, I feel that the more they change the cloth the harder to maintain the original style. 
Down below is Hmong Thai style. 

 More modern

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  1. Hi Yer.

    I think you mention a lot of great things about the Hmong culture and it's tradition. I agree with you that the Hmong Thai in Thailand aren't afraid to wear the traditional Hmong clothes here even if others may judge them. I honestly thought it was great seeing Hmong people wearing Hmong clothes because I knew I could communicate with them. Also, I agree that Hmong Americans are starting to become creative by modernizing the Hmong traditional clothes. However, this leads to my question of how can we balance keeping the traditional Hmong clothing/traditions while trying to live in a modernized world?

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