To Be Happy

I have never been a good writer when it comes to being expressive or descriptive of what my idea is deeply about. I am a people person, I love to talk to people rather than write down my thoughts. When I write I feel so limited, but when I talk my words just comes out so freely. Trying to reflect back on this wonderful opportunity of being a part of this program, I really can not put the words to explain my feelings. Sad? Happy? Amazed? Those words do not even do justice to expressing my feelings. 

Being on this trip I have connected with so many things! First off Chiangmai was phenomenal! The neighborhood that I stayed in, the wonderful and yummy breakfast that I was privileged to have, and of course I would not forget the monk chat. Then there is Chiang Khong, where the beautiful Mekong river is located. During the stay here, I met some friends that I will never forget. Then of course being here in Bangkok just blew my mind with the crazy “city that never sleeps” vibe. I really can not just connect with just one individual focus because as of right now, my mind is having mixed feelings of all kinds… I feel so high off of the wonderful experiences that I was able to have. If I was to write about my experiences of this wonderful trip, I would probably end up with a series. 
But one thing that I would always be grateful for is the people that I have met on this experience. Whether it is Ajun Cathy or Ajun Linda, my peers/my Thailand family, the three wonderful interns Mat, Miew, and Ake, the three wonderful tour guides that stayed with us our first week, our home stay moms, the drivers that had to put up with the girls loud voices and laughing, the hotel employees, the employees that always opened the door for us at the IResidence Hotel, the beautiful and kind hearted people at the Mekong River School, Chiangdao students, Prab JoLee, the old couple who steered the boat during the crazy rainstorm, and even the workers that I had conversations with at the shops and restaurants. Grateful, enlighten, passionate, happy, karma, I really do not know what words will be able to help me express this personal learning of mine. Maybe when I get back into the states, my mind will settle down a bit and it will help me to slowly gain words to express my feelings… Or maybe because this trip is so beautiful in being able to realize life in such a different perspective, I would have to make up my own word to describe my own self learning. All the people that I have shared a road with had impacted and shaped my life on this trip.
“A way of life.”

3 thoughts on “To Be Happy”

  1. Susan, I am also not a writer as well. I would rather speak about my experiences rather than writing everything all down. It's a challenge having to sort all your thoughts down together when there is so much to talk about. Most of the times words can't describe things we experience at all, too. It's hard because you have to be selective of your words as well.

    I am glad to have had the opportunity to go on this study abroad experience with you and get to know you more. You, too, have impacted me greatly and I am so happy to share all these amazing memories with you.

    Keep being you and keep being awesome! 🙂

  2. I think you expressed yourself beautifully, Susan! Continue to reflect on your experiences and make meaning from them as you re-enter the U.S. culture. Talk with your Thailand 20 friends (and Acharn Linda and me) when you need to remember, to wonder, to laugh or to cry about our common experiences. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in writing so all of us can have a glimpse into your world.

  3. Susan,
    You know you've encountered something vast and mysterious when you have the need/urge to create a new word for it. I would love to see what new word you create to get closer to expressing the power and wonder of what you and we experienced. Your list of people brings back a slideshow of the kindness and happiness and respect and good connections. Thanks Susan!

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