Blog post #1

  1. The experience I gained at the Wat Temple was the first time I had exposure to the religion and customs of the Thai people. By observing the meal ritual and the monk’s interaction with the people  very interesting to me because I think it’s really interesting to see other cultures and learn about other customs besides my own. Another example of a cultural shock to me was that I was expecting the temple to be those types of temples you would imagine through pictures online. I was surprised that having a location and a roof can become anything you want it to be.
  2. One learning goal I have during this trip is to be open minded and expose myself to as many cultural learning experiences as possible through food, religion, villages, and the city life there.
  3. Mena!


2 thoughts on “Blog post #1”

  1. Similar to your reflection, I hope to be as open-minded as possible during this trip. The more open-minded we are, the more we will learn!

  2. Mena,
    I appreciate you’re excitement to understand Thai culture! I too share your goal of being open and ready to experience their way of life. I really hope that you are able to accomplish this goal and gain and understanding of this unfamiliar culture. Thank you for sharing!

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