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1.) The Wat Temple in Elk river was such an amazing experience for me. It still hasn’t fully resonated with me that I’ll be studying abroad in Thailand, but the orientation made it feel so much more real. The moment that I entered the room I immediately felt the overwhelming feeling of peace and enlightenment. It was fascinating to hear about the Thai culture, the concept of mindfulness, simplicity, and everything that Buddhism entails. The meal that we were provided with was not only amazing, but the way that the hosts were so giving and encouraging us to eat more was so heartwarming.

2.) One learning goal I have for myself in regards to this Learning Abroad seminar is to attain the practice of mindfulness and immerse myself in the Thai culture. I love and deeply admire all the aspects that Buddhism embodies and would love to be able to emanate that within myself and have it contribute to my personal growth as an individual.


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  1. I totally feel the same way! This is my first study abroad trip/flying on an airplane, so I am having so many mix emotions. Also, I agree with the heartwarming welcoming from the hosts especially during lunch time.

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