What excites me about Thailand? (;

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I have always wanted to learn about another culture especially Thai culture. I like how calm Thai people are because even if they are angry you will see them with a smile. I love their food and desserts. I have always wanted to learn how to make their desserts and food. I am excited about the food that I will get to try and how much I will be able to learn about Thai culture. I want to know the differences and similarities between my culture and Thai culture. While going on this trip I don’t have any concerns other than just making sure I don’t catch a fever and ruin the trip for everyone.

My academic goal is to learn about Thai culture through the service-learning that we will be doing and also communicating with people from another culture. I really hope I will be able to learn as much as I can from this three week study abroad.

2 thoughts on “What excites me about Thailand? (;”

  1. Mai,

    Yessss, food. Thai cuisine is definitely one of the best. I am interested to see if the Thai cuisine that I have been inhaling in the United States is going to be the same in Thailand. I am also interested in seeing if the cuisine changes depending on the region of Thailand we are in. I watched Anthony Borduin’s “Parts Unknown” and he had an episode on Thai Cuisine. At one point, he tried raw pig blood soup…

    I agree with you that it seems like there is something intrinsically calming and peaceful about the Thai. Perhaps religion?

    Nice post!

  2. Mai- I agree with you about how amazing it’ll be to experience the Thai people and food throughout our trip! It’ll be such an incredible opportunity to be able to connect and bond with those from the Thai culture. It’ll be such a profound change of cultures going from the US to a culture where the value simplicity.

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