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As we enter into Wat Temple,  the sun was bouncing off my winter-white skin and the birds were chirping their daily songs. We were struck by the spring breeze that brought immediate calmness to our busy mind. We sat quietly as the Monk enlightened us on the multiple benefits of using breathing techniques to bring calmness and peace into our lives.  What stood out to me,  was when the monk mentioned that we should live our lives in a world where we are not dependent on material things.  When we can survive by the simplest things in life,  that’s the best way to live. We are often blinded by how materials things can enhance our image in the society we live in. I appreciate the simplicity in the Thai culture, in their food and their values.  My goal for this learning abroad seminar is to go back to my roots and learn to live life with simplicity.

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  1. I loved reading your post! It was so descriptive that I could imagine what you were seeing when you were there. I could also sense a calmness in your tone, which correlated very well with the calmness that you talked about at the Wat temple. I am also in the same boat as you, about going back to your roots and learning to live a life with simplicity.

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