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  1.  I really enjoyed my experience at the Wat Temple because it really emersed everyone in the Thai culture. I was surprised by how welcoming they were to everyone and just how humble they were. I didn’t realize that their religion is so intertwined in their day to day lives. I have grown up somewhat religious, but my parents never practiced their faith. As I got older, they started to find it and I started to realize that religion wasn’t for me. The Wat Temple did not make me feel uncomfortable or unwelcome and that made me feel even more invited. I also LOVED the food. I am a huge Thai food fan and really enjoyed getting to taste what authentic Thai food is like. I think this will definitely help me in Thailand because I will know what to order at restaurants. 

2.  A goal that I have for myself is to not hold back and truly embrace the unknown of this adventure. I never thought I would be doing a study abroad and that just makes it all the more special. I want to focus on each day and not think about whats going on back at home. I also want to feel connected to each city we visit and to the people that we meet.




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  1. Lindsey,

    I am with you 100% on looking forward to the food — I have a feeling that the amazing food at Wat Temple was just a taste (punny) of what is to come :)!

    I really like your goal of living in the present while we are over there; that’s definitely something that I can, also, work on. I think this will be a great experience that will require us to embody the moment in order to fully appreciate it.

    I’m looking forward to hanging out with you in Thailand! Thanks for the post.

    – Lizzy

  2. Lindsey, Monk KK clarifying that Buddhism is not a religion, made it all the more inviting for me as a practice. I’m so glad you decided to study abroad. Excellent to journey and discover with you.

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