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  1. My experience at the Wat Temple was insightful and eye opening. I gained insightful information on the Monk and  learned that a Monk can’t be near women. I thought that this was beneficial to learn and be aware, since I’ll be visiting a Monk Chat while in Thailand during this trip. When I arrived at the Wat Temple it definetely opened my eyes. I thought that the Wat Temple was going to be a ‘temple’ like how I imagine. However, when I arrived to the Wat Temple it was just like a regular house. I think that this helped me to begin to become familar with Thai Culture by being aware. To be aware that sometimes my expecations may not be what I expect.
  2. One learning goal that I have for myself in regards to this Learning Abroad seminar is to be open-minded and to be able to expose myself to the Thai way of life  and to be aware as a observer and learner.
  3. Here’s a picture of me at the Coon Rapids Dam.Heart

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  1. I can’t agree more with you about thinking that the Wat Temple is going to be like a temple. I was also very surprised to when I got there and it was actually a house. But even if it was a house the inside was beautifully decorated.

  2. I had the same reaction about the Wat Temple, it was also a very eye opening experience for me. I’m glad we went through that experience though because it has helped me change my expectations for Thailand, I now have less expectations of what things should be like, and I’m expected to see how life in Thailand really is, without my expectation there to blind me.

  3. Shengyeng, Your post helps us to remember to be open to what is, rather than we expect it to be. Also, you and I both took photos by the same river!

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