The generative circle of life

About 37 years ago, June 15, 1979, I began a journey that would change my life forever. I traveled to  begin an 18 month immersion experience in Thailand, a virtually unknown world to me in the days predating the Internet, Google, and Facebook.  I embarked on a journey to discover myself, the beauty and complexity of the Thai culture, and a world so unbelievably different than the one from which I had known for 23 years.

1979 Thailand Cathy with Yuwa_2

Fast forward to May 14, 2016, my 60th birthday, the beginning of my sixth cycle of life in the Chinese understanding of time, and I am ready to introduce 20 university students to an amazing Thai culture and peoples. I look forward to walking alongside each one of you as you discover and learn from Thailand. My goal for you is that you learn about Thailand, about yourself, about your place in the world, and develop a global perspective on families, environment, and culture.

Choke Dee, na ka!!!

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  1. Happy birthday, Cathy! I’m awfully glad you were born, made it into our lives in all the ways you have, and have been traveling the route you traveled.

    Thanks once again for giving those of us back in the U.S. online views of the course, your travels, and your students’ travels.

    All the best,


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