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As we were driving to the temple, I was very curious as to where we were going.  All I saw was nature, for a second I thought we were lost.  After getting to the temple, I was very skeptical, I questioned why we were there. After entering the temple and witnessing the community that was there my opinion and skepticism completely changed. It was a really great experience to the amazing community that I saw at the temple. I also really appreciated how welcoming they were to us.  One goal I have for myself is to keep a complete open mind with no expectations. My expectations of the temple was very eye opening to me which is why for this trip I want to keep a complete open mind and fully embrace the Thai culture to the fullest.


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  1. Verona, I like how the Temple visit served as a microcosm for your experience in Thailand. The sooner we can step aside from our preconceptions, judgements, expectations, the more open and present we can be to what is. Thank you.

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