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It’s already a week since I left home. I still can’t believe it’s been that long. I don’t exactly miss home, but I miss my little sister. Throughout this first week, I have reflected a lot about my time here, the environment I didn’t expect, and the crazy believing that I am officially in Thailand. For some odd reasons, my reflections always ended with me thinking about my parents and my hard work to be where I am now.

I didn’t expect Thailand to be so busy, have piles of trash, and run down buildings. My parents never warned me of this. These were the first things I noticed on my arrival and it really sadden me that this was a lifestyle; a lifestyle I had to live with for three weeks and acknowledge. For the first time, I felt privileged and it was uncomfortable.

Then I realized how humans, myself included, tend to capture beautiful things to show to others, but we rarely show them the complete picture. Am I worried about changing my Facebook friends perspective or am I scared that my parents might think I’m not enjoying myself? I am once again sadden by these little behaviors and ideas because I was, and still am, enjoying my time here, and I am starting to acknowledge that this is the way the people in Thailand live. Maybe this was how my parents felt as well. They probably never told me because my perspective of Thailand could be different, and maybe they didn’t want their views to change mine.

Regardless of my first impression, I have realized how much I prefer the country side over the cities. The Suksasongkrah Chiangdao School and Hmong Village taught me about their ways of living and inspired me to want to come back. I really enjoyed how successful they were on taking on their role as a student, acharn, head of the village, or a young adult. The taught me that no matter how distanced you are from everybody else, you can still survive with the people, regardless of their backgrounds, who choose to live similarly to you. In addition, there are pros and cons to everything and not one way is correct is what KK said. With that being said, I look forward to sharing my experience with my parents when I get back to the U.S.

Until next week,

Choua Lee

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4 thoughts on “Thailand?”

  1. I agree that since this trip has started, I haven’t really missed home. I am enjoying my time here so much that I have forgotten about home. I also agree with you that I have definitely enjoyed the rural hills of Thailand over the business of the cities. I have realized how much of a country girl I actually am. So excited for to spend the rest of the trip with you all! 🙂

  2. I also have not missed home as much as I thought I would. There are obviously parts I miss, but I am really embracing the adventures we get to experience daily. I was also surprised at the amount of broken homes and neglected areas. They don’t show this when you google image Thailand. I think it is awesome that you questioned how you wanted to explain Thailand as a whole to your peers. Great post!

  3. I am so surprised that I do not miss home and I haven’t cried since I left. I didn’t even cry when I left home actually. This trip has been nothing but a great experience. I agree with you about the trash. I was very shocked and surprised because I had such high expectation from what I saw on television. Even though there are a lot of trash in Bangkok and Thailand as a whole, I learned to appreciate the view of everything else including the buildings itself and the green spaces. I also felt confused on why my parents didn’t expose this to me as well. I think they also didn’t want to change my view on Thailand but I am glad that Thailand was something else that I didn’t expect. Like you said, there are many pros and cons about everything. Thailand nor America is perfect, but they both have their own beautiful scenes and we should take advantage of that.

  4. Choua,

    The trash. I mean to take a photo of the trash, and sometimes I do, but then do I post it next to the beautiful flowers? Rarely. I like how you help us reflect on this impulse, and connect it with your parents and you. Perceptive and sharp writing and thinking.

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