NT Blog 3: Missing Thailand


The moment we landed in Minnesota, I felt my body present but my heart was still in Thailand.  I was honestly glad to come back home until I realized how grateful I’d be if the trip was one week longer.  I truly enjoyed my time in Thailand and I learned so much about myself.


Since the beginning, I told myself that I shouldn’t cover up who I was and I should just be myself whether people like it or not.  I was afraid of not making any friends because I can be loud and weird MANY times.  What I learned most about myself was that I like people and I like making friends.  I haven’t made a friend during my first year at the U of M because I am a commuter and worked right away after my classes.  I never had time to meet people.  Coming to Thailand and building these bonds with different people was nice.  It’s refreshing to know that people still accept me (I think).   I learned to appreciate people and their presence.  People weren’t the only thing that I learned to appreciate.  Coming back home from Thailand, I think I have changed to become a better person.  Intentions really challenged me on this trip and I learned that my intentions really does matter.


Prior to this trip, I wasn’t such a good sister and daughter to my family.  I’ve been having personal issues with everyone in my family but this time I came home with different intentions.  I want to treat my family good and not start random problems that are not necessary.  I’ve learned to appreciate my relationships and family as well.

I think if I return Thailand someday, I would like to go with my family so they can experience what I did. No one will understand until they have been in my shoes and felt my experiences.  I’m coming back to you Thailand.

Nina Thao

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  1. Nina, you have such a unique personality that I don’t think I would ever get tired of. You brought A LOT of life to this trip and do know that you had a positive impact on me.

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