Thailand Advice

1) First of all, the check in luggage can only be 50 lbs. Carry ons (maximum 1 personal and another small luggage or bag) are not weighed, although you want them to be lighter.  I super over packed my luggage and carry ons, and had to carry everything around was quite tiring since we did move around a lot. 

2) The rule “Once you think you are done packing clothes, shoes, bathroom supplies, etc, REPACK by taking out half of the things you thought you need (especially clothes)” is TRUE!! It is a good idea to share shampoo, condition, lotion, etc with your room mate so only one party needs to brings it. I brought things (clothes) that I didn’t really need, or multiple versions of the same items. 
 3) Clothes – Have a variety of clothes. Capris is the best clothing item I felt, or long shorts. Bring swim suits,

3) NEVER, and REMEMBER to not put “weapon-like” items onto your carry ons. Such as scissors

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