Blog #1 – Anna Borromeo

Hi there! My name is Anna Borromeo, and I am a rising senior. I am studying economics with a minor in global studies, focusing on human rights and justice and East Asia. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, but my family originates from the Philippines. In Asia, I have traveled to both the Philippines and Taiwan, but this will be my first time in Thailand, and I am beyond excited! 

The two most important aspects of my life are faith and family, and I am eager to evaluate my life in comparison to the Thai lifestyles. As my identity revolves around Christianity, I would like to learn more about the centrality of Buddhism in Thailand. Also, as family is very important to me, I am curious to know about the role and importance of family in Thailand. A learning goal that I have for this trip would be to better understand the social justice issues in Thailand and how non-governmental organizations and community members address these issues. I plan to fully immerse myself in the Thai culture with an open mind and eyes of curiosity in order to better understand the various influences on Thailand. I hope to learn more about myself, the ways of life in Thailand, and comprehensively, the beauty and complexity of the world.

Below is a picture of me (left) with my sister (right)!

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