Blog #1: Introduction – Deeh Chah

Hello! My name is Deeh — it means watermelon or cucumber in Hmong. I am the second oldest child of six, and I am the first to attend a four-year college. I am a third year studying Elementary Education Foundation. I was born in a refugee camp in Thailand; my family came to Saint Paul, Minnesota in2004. I miss the camp I was born in very much! It was a temple and still is a temple today.

I hope to teach in Hmong villages after college. Therefore, I am excited to learn about the education system in Thailand – especially in the Hmong villages that we will visit. I hope to learn how the teachers teach, how the students learn, how the families are connected with the school and their children’s learning, and more! Ultimately, I hope to make connections and build networks so that my goal of teaching in Thailand after college is achievable.

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