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Hello there, everyone! My name is Bridget Glass and yesterday I graduated from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in the College of Education and Human Development. I majored in Family Social Science and am hoping to pursue an advanced degree in graduate school out west for Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy within the next couple of years.

While in school for the past three years, I have worked at Fraser, a nonprofit organization based in the Twin Cities that provides various mental health and developmental disability services to children and adults with special needs. I am especially interested in interpersonal relationships, and truly love learning about other humans and cultures. Some of my strengths include woo, communication, empathy, adaptability and positivity.

One learning goal I have for myself in regards to this Learning Abroad seminar is centered around personal growth; I have found that I learn most about myself when I am put in unfamiliar situations because it forces me to maximize my strengths and whatever resources are readily available to accomplish or overcome anything that comes my way. I am more capable than I sometimes give myself credit for, so I am excited for the opportunity to grow with and as a result of the people and environment around me. 

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