Blog Post 1- Pre-Departure Samantha Zomok

Hi everyone! My name is Sam, I have just finished my junior year at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. I am a major in Family Social Science with a triple minor in Psychology, Leadership and Family Violence Prevention. It sounds like a lot, but I love it. Every class I take makes me want to learn more, experience more, and challenge myself even more. It’s constantly keeping me on my toes for what to do when I graduate.

I am really looking forward to this trip to Thailand. It was never a place I really saw myself going, which is exactly why I want to go. It is something new and out of my comfort zone. Thailand is also going to let me utilize and see all of the things I have learned about in the last semester. Seeing a new culture and being apart of it even for a little while is more than I could ever hope.

Here’s to a fantastic trip!

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