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Hi everyone, my name is Pakakun Srimaneekulroj, but you can just call me Ernie. I am a senior at the U, majoring in Biology, Society, and Environment and minoring in Chemistry.  An interesting fact about me is that I have duel citizenship in Thailand and the US.

I was born in Thailand and continued to live there until 2nd grade, when I moved to the US. Originally, since I moved at such a young age, I had forgotten Thai. It was only until my cousin came to live with me in 6th grade that I was finally able to speak it again. I still cannot read or write, but that is definitely a goal of mine someday. Now that I am a lot older and I can travel alone, I visit Thailand pretty often. When I do visit though, it is mostly to see family and we primarily stay in Bangkok, so this trip will be pretty exciting. I want to see different parts of Thailand and experience it in a way I  never have before.

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