Pre-Departure Blog Post

Hi! My name is Jessica Bacon, and I am now officially a junior in college. I am originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and my major is business marketing with a minor in management. On weekends I love hanging out with friends and being outside in general, whether that includes walks around downtown, or late night nice rides. I also am currently employed at Orangetheory Fitness and love working out there numerous times throughout the week. Lastly, I love traveling, hence why I am attending this trip. I like to experience new cultures and to meet people from around the world on these trips.

One goal that I want to achieve during the duration of this trip is to immerse myself into the Thai culture and fully take advantage of this opportunity. Sometimes it is difficult for me to break out of my comfort zone in foreign lands, so I want to challenge myself to make the most of this trip. This goal will help enhance my knowledge of the country and to meet amazing people while abroad. I am so excited for this learning abroad trip and to cross off items on my bucket list!!

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