Effects of Tourism

For most countries around the world, tourism is welcomed because of the economic effects it can have. I had not thought of the negative side effects that tourism could potentially burden a country and its people with. Before coming to Thailand, I had heard of the sex tourism that takes place in the country. However, I did not realize that trafficking extended so much further beyond just this. After we had our conversation with Friends International much of my previous thoughts on this topic changed. It made me think of the issues surrounding this topic and how there are potential solutions. I am by no means stating that I have the answer to this problem.

             I felt that those of us in the presentation were unaware of both the severity of trafficking and different ways that it transpires. Ignorance on our part and many of the people visiting Thailand is unquestionably contributing to this issue. Simply becoming educated will allow people to take the simple steps like not giving to panhandlers. There are parts of this problem that will be incredibly difficult to take on. Obviously, there is a large demand within Thailand for sex trafficking and that alone makes eradicating it extremely unlikely. As long as this demand continues, then there will be people to fill this need. Nevertheless, individuals can help lessen their impact on trafficking by becoming more knowledgeable about the topic.

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