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Systems of record are intended to store and protect data. Anything that OIT considers part of the “common good,” that is supported in our central infrastructure and x.500 integrated, is a system of record.


  • The Registrar’s gradebook system is an appropriate place to store grades
  • Moodle’s built-in grade book is an appropriate place to store grades
  • Netfiles is an appropriate place to store documents
  • Active Directory is another way you could store a file
  • The U’s installation of Google is now considered a system of record. You can use Google spreadsheet to store grades — it may not the best practice, but it’s acceptable. Be aware of settings and who has access to the system — Google is easy to share openly, so you should make sure you lock down the spreadsheet so only you and your TAs have access to it.

Do not keep student records on your desktop computer, laptop, or in an unlocked drawer.

What about using a 3rd party application?

If you use a 3rd party application, there may be issues (e.g. faculty using a publishing house supplied website — students had to enter private data, then, worse, system was assigning and storing grades, and faculty were adding even more info to it — not a good idea!).

What about state’s e-portfolios?  Is that system of record?

No – it’s not x.500 integrated, it’s not under OIT’s security team (but in that context, students are the ones manufacturing the data – they’re sharing it by their own choice, they own their own educational records).

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