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The Digital Education and Innovation (DEI) team provides instructors with guidance, support, and expertise in innovative teaching and learning strategies. We assist the College of Education and Human Development instructor in developing activities and courses that encourage student engagement and provide deeper learning experiences.

We are a team of highly experienced and diversified eLearning professionals. We’re instructional designers, programmers, and video professionals with advanced degrees in education. We’re a collaborative team and we get excited about using our knowledge and experience to diversify teaching practices, increase student engagement, and improve learning outcomes.

Collaborating doesn’t just stop within our college; we love sharing and collaborating with our colleagues as well. Let us know how we can work together.

2018 Start of Term Resources

Fall semester is starting! DEI has an updated checklist of things to consider as you prepare a Canvas site for the new semester. The checklist is available as a Google Doc. You are welcome to make a copy of the checklist to keep in your own Google Drive. View the...

Help with End-of-Semester Tasks

We hope you had a great semester! As you wrap up the term here are a few things that can help with your end-of-term tasks. End of Term checklist - Recently updated for Canvas, we have compiled a list of the most pertinent things you should do when concluding your...

Gamify Your Course with an Escape Room

Gamifying a course can engage and motivate students by tapping into competition and reward systems. One way to add this to your course is by creating an escape room. An escape room is a gaming experience where participants must collaborate to find clues by interacting...

New Start of Term Checklist

The start of a new term is upon us. DEI has created a new checklist of things to consider as you prepare a Canvas site for a new semester. If you are teaching in Canvas this spring and would like support contact us at The checklist is available as a...

If This Then That: Qualtrics for Teaching and Learning

Qualtrics is web-based software for creating online surveys. Qualtrics is available for use by all U of M faculty, staff and students at no cost. Although designed for surveys, this readily available tool can be also used to create online learning activities that will...

Family Social Science Video Interviews

Family Social Science (FSoS) faculty worked with Digital Education and Innovation (DEI) to develop a series of video interviews. The goal of these videos is to introduce new and prospective students to the field of Family Social Science. DEI is collaborating with...

Using Google Slides for Student Collaboration

Google Slides  can be a good tool to increase student collaboration in your course. Here are a few ideas to use: Community-Building Name Tags Have students introduce themselves to the instructor and other students by adding a customized slide to a deck...

Canvas and Learning Analytics Meeting

Canvas CEHD has many instructors using the Canvas learning management system both for online and face-to-face instruction. Jill Trites, has taught several classes in Canvas. Here's what she had to say: "I am currently teaching my 7th and 8th courses on the...

Course Communication Tips for Fall

September is a good time to make videos and collect additional resources for your course. Check out how to get started with the new version of Flipgrid in this video. Also, watch this video from our team to learn what what good communication in a course might look...

End of Term Checklist

The end of the term is upon us. DEI has created a checklist of things to consider as you wrap up your courses. The checklist is available as a Google Doc. You are welcome to copy the checklist to your Google Drive. Click here to view the...

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