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College of Education and Human Development

You can customize the layout of app icons on the Home Screen or any other screen—including the icons in the Dock.

Rearranging icons:

1.       Touch and hold any app until it jiggles.

2.       Arrange the apps by dragging them to the desired location—including to and from the Dock. NOTE: the Dock holds a maximum of 6 apps.

3.       Press the Home button to save your new arrangement (jiggling will stop).

Move an icon to another screen (creates a new screen):

1.       Touch and hold any app until it jiggles.

2.       While icons are jiggling, drag an icon to the right edge of the screen (you finger should almost be off the screen) until a new screen appears. NOTE: this is tricky you may need to practice this before you get it to work for you.

3.       Flick the page from left to right to return to a previous screen and drag more icons to the new screen. NOTE: You can create up to 11 screens.

4.       The dots above the Dock show the number of screens you have and which screen you’re viewing.

Move from screen to screen:

Flick left or right, or tap to the left or right of the row of dots above the Dock.

Reset the Home Screen to its original layout:

In Settings, go to General > Reset, then tap Reset Home Screen Layout. Resetting the Home Screen removes any folders you’ve created and applies the default wallpaper to your Home Screen.

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