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College of Education and Human Development

Turning off various features in the settings app when they are not being used helps to save your battery life.

Wi-Fi: You can turn off the Wi-Fi when you don’t need to access the internet for any of your apps

Bluetooth: Bluetooth is another feature that drains battery life. If it’s not something you use regularly you can leave it in the off position

Email push: Email push actively searches for new emails and calendar updates. Turning off push won’t stop you from getting emails, you will just have to go into the mail and calendar apps to look for any new messages

Brightness: A brighter screen uses more battery life, you can turn off auto-brightness and adjust the brightness of your screen.

Privacy: Certain apps access your location to provide specific content. In “privacy” you can turn off the “location services.” This will not disable any apps, it will just turn off the location finder function of those apps

iPad Cover Lock/Unlock: Turning off the iPad cover lock/unlock can prevent unintentional battery drainage from cover opening in a backpack

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